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Local News 2/2/2021

  If you think you’re cold don’t forget today in 1951 St. Augustine saw snow. Lots of snow. At least two inches fell and it stayed on the ground long enough for people in the Oldest City to make snowmen, throw snowballs and sled down the hill around the Castillo de San Marcos. Elkton and Hastings reported equal snowfalls on that memorable February 2. The last time snow had fallen was 1917.Although snow is not forecast for tonight the temperatures would be condusive to snow.  32 degrees is what tonights low is expectd to be.     ST JOHNS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE SCAM:  A SE District Deputy was called to a residence regarding a recent phone scam.  The victim stated a caller representing themselves as a national e-commerce site and advised someone had obtained their credit card number and charged numerous items to their account.  They told the victim they would be held liable for the charges.  The caller then requested the victim to go to 4 different stores and purchase gift cards, in the amount to cover the charges.  The victim proceeded to the name brand stores, while the caller was still on the line, purchased numerous gift cards and submitted the numbers to the caller.  The caller disconnected the line and the funds were spent in the state of Arizona.  Total loss was $8000.00.  ** Always be suspicious and pause your actions whenever someone asked you to acquire gift cards for payment.  You can always call and speak with a deputy whenever you feel an attempt to scam you is occurring, regardless of the scenario/story they are presenting.       The body found Sunday along A1A has been identified as  24-year- Brianna Jane Gibson from Middleburg. the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office investigators said they’re now working to find information about the whereabouts of the woman and her vehicle, a white Hummer H3, between 10 p.m. Saturday and early Sunday morning. Sheriff’s Office, detectives learned that Gibson and her boyfriend had left Gibson’s family home earlier Saturday evening and she, her SUV and her boyfriend had not been seen since. Investigators said they began an aerial search and eventually found Gibson’s vehicle abandoned in a gated apartment complex in Middleburg, which was some distance away from her boyfriend’s home Shortly after family members of the boyfriend contacted Clay County deputies, saying he wished to turn himself in on an unrelated, outstanding warrant. Investigators said they have since met with the boyfriend, who has been cooperating and provided an account of the night’s events. The medical examiner said Gibson died from traumatic head and neck injuries and the injuries are consistent with having been hit by a vehicle or having fallen from a vehicle. The medical examiner has not determined a manner of death.       ·Time to blow the horn and flash the lights as The Nations Oldest City welcomes their newest addition to the fire department. Last Friday the new Engine 40 arrived and the firefighters couldn’t be more excited.  This Typhoon Rescue Pumper carries 780gal of water. This truck will serve the city for the next 15 to 20 years.  Crews will be mounting equipment and training on the new truck for the next 10 to 14 days before it will be officially being placed in service.      A long time consignment store in Palatka is closing its doors because of the pandemic. Because of COVID-19 and the lack of sales  the Downstairs Closet has decided to permanently close the store.  However, this Wednesday they will open up normal days and hours to allow consignors to get their items and make our last sales. Ower Susa says consignors will have plenty of opportunities to get their items so the store will stay open as long as needed   The Palatka Library headquarters location is fully open again to the general public and all modified schedules have been discontinued.  All other Putnam County Library locations will re-open today without any restrictions.  

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Cyber Crimes Unit began investigating a CyberTip from Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) on September 3, The tip identified an AOL account that uploaded twenty files containing child pornography. The investigation revealed the account belonged to 77-year-old Edgar Alloway

A lengthy investigation led to a search warrant being executed on at 18 Banton Lane in Palm Coast, Alloway’s residence. Several electronic devices were seized during the search and a forensic analysis of the devices was conducted. The results of the analysis found numerous images and videos of child pornography. Due to the nature of images recovered, the charge is a second degree felony .An arrest warrant was signed for Edgar Alloway for 12 counts of Possession of Images of the Sexual Performance by a Child. Alloway was arrested at his home and taken into custody. Sheriff Rick Staly said. “This type of disgusting behavior will not be tolerated in our community and is exactly why I started our Cyber Crimes/ICAC Unit. My warning to other perverts, you’re next

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