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October 14, 2021

Listen for your chance to win tickets to Wild Adventures to the Great Pumpkin Luminights and the Pumpkin Spice Festival going on through October 31st at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia!

Top 100 International Songs (of the four major English-speaking countries) Between 1960-89

No. Song–Artist (Year) (Weeks at No. 1 in US-UK-Can-Aus) 1. Hey Jude–The Beatles (1968) (27 weeks/9-2-3-13)2. I Want To Hold Your Hand–The Beatles (1964) (25 weeks/7-5-6-7)3. It’s Now Or Never–Elvis Presley (1960) (23 weeks/5-8-3-7)4. My Sweet Lord–George Harrison (1970) (22 weeks/4-5-5-8)5. Eye Of The Tiger–Survivor (1982) (22 weeks/6-4-6-6)6. Get Back–The Beatles (1969) (21 weeks/5-6-6-4)7. I… Read More ›

Bob Lee searching for treasures visited the station to show us what he found. “Relic Rescue”

“Trashy Pictures” from a local cleanup

Andrea Almeida, Eva Almeida, Krysta Harvey, Karma Boutcher, and Candece Adams helped clean up Putnam County WIYD and WPLK rewarded them with a bag full of goodies including their own personal “grabber” for their next pickup.

Jackie Smith, Support Professional of the Year for the Putnam County Schools 2021 at WIYD/WPLK

Ash Wednesday Cross on the Forehead of Mary

Sandra G picks up trash for our Pick it up Putnam. Send us your “trashy” picture to be entered into our monthly drawing for a good bag.

Mary Makie Connor Saucier just got her second COVID shot. Thanks, Putnam County Health Department for doing it right!